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Our Story

The Khalayat brand was born in Kuwait in the mid 2010s, when interior designer, Khaled AlYaqout, well known for his eclectic and minimalist style, joined hands with his relative, Fawaz AlYaqout, a fashion designer who received his formal training at the renown Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale in Paris. 
In 2016, the pair launched Khalayat as a clothing line with a capsule collection consisting of handcrafted linen dishdasha dresses. 
The brand’s success allowed it to continue to evolve, and experiment with innovative crafts focused on reinventing traditional Kuwaiti garments to create a contemporary fashion statement.

Meanwhile, since many years, Khaled AlYaqout’s unique and iconic scent creations captivated many admirers throughout his community as well as during his travels in various parts of the globe.
And that was when Khaled felt proud proud to announce that he has now decided to develop his own unique line of fragrances as part of the Khalayat universe.

Khalayat’s fragrances capture the essence of authentic oriental recipes in perfume layering, passed on through generations, yet characterized with a modern twist, which offers a fascinating and multifaceted olfactory experience. 
The combination of precious natural perfume oils such as Swiss rose absolute, patchouli, spices, leather, resins, and other rare extracts create the perfect balance between opulence, zen, and eccentricity.